I am inspired by dynamics and shapes in our environment. My work is a mirror of complex emotions expressed with the language of colours, forms and composition. My paintings are spontaneous products of a search for balance and harmony.
While working I would never pre-plan all my work, because I would get bored with it. I would not allow my work to imitate life. That should be expressed. Finished works are defined structures and layered colourful combinations of shapes. My works represent my instinctive colour theory. They explore the relationship between man-made structures, light and the natural world. They are thoughts and emotions. When looking at my paintings, familiar shapes and objects such as literal characters are not to be found, but there are reminders of them from the surround in an abstract way.
Travelling around challenged my artistic language. I have to seek out a different way of expressing my new discoveries. Colours are very important to me because they come spontaneously into my paintings and they are the most powerful description of my first thoughts, and the first thoughts actually bring and carry live into a painting.